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TECO Project 2014 - 2018

Technological Eco - Innovations for the Quality Control and the Decontamination of Polluted Waters and Soils 



Logo Teco brownlogo europaThe project TECO has been approved within the EU cross action with India dedicated to support research and innovation partnership.

The impact of industrial development on the environment has been often severe and many times dramatically destructive. Today the most advanced technologies based on a better understanding of natural processes and the discovery of new materials and analytical techniques can help to recover critical situations linked to the overexploitation of natural resources.

TECO project is funded by the European Union - Delegation of the European Union to India in collaboration with the EuropeAid Cooperation Office - and is dedicated to the implementation of EU-India exchange of experts and innovators in the field of technological eco-innovation applied to the pollution of soils and waters and to the improvement of their quality.

The project is coordinated by CNR (National Research Council, Italy) with the partnership of NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Insitute, India)

TECO will be active from December 2014 to December 2018.




•    to boost research and innovation collaboration between EU and India in the field of environment, specifically on the innovations for the decontamination of polluted waters and soils
•    to stimulate new opportunities for the private sector to deliver appropriate innovations which are able to provide solutions for local contexts even through a reinforced link between research and public institutions. A wider network of people is also involved in the activities through workshops and conferences


•    Networking, information sharing and partnerships among target groups and stakeholders
•    Mobility schemes and collaborations among EU and India
•    EU-India joint research and involvement of private sector
•    Improvement of public-private dialogue


•    Networking management and web coordination; match-making of requests and opportunities; organization of two networking conferences in India (Autumn 2016) and EU (2018)
•    Accurate selection of participants and projects and activation of the mobility programme
•    Expert monitoring of ongoing joint researches
•    Addressing of obstacles and challenges; review and organization of consultations with all stakeholders



TECO gives you the opportunity to share experiences and start-up collaborations in India by helping you to implement people exchange programmes between research centres, private industries, SMEs and public institutions. Activities have to be finalized to the opening of new professional collaborations and to the implementation of thematic networks in the field of water and soil quality. 

Mobilty towards India is financially supported by providing a monthly grant of 1453 EUR for a period up to 4 months (see submission guidelines).



The network is open to all the target groups (public or private). You can join our network (mailing list) just sending us an e-mail.

The mobility programme from Europe to India is only open to EU citizens and is dedicated to researchers, engineers, innovation manager and entrepreneurs. The proposals for the assignement of mobility grants will be selected according to their relevance and adherence to the goal of the project by the TECO steering committee.



It is not possible to apply to the exchange programme as the TECO Project ended in December 2018



Secretary of the project: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dr. Serena Carloni - Tel.: +39 06 9067 2528
Dr. Laura Passatore - Tel.: +39 06 9067 2534



TECO Kick-off meeting was held in Nagpur (India) on 20th April 2015
TECO Workshop 2015 was held in Rome (Italy) on 16th September 2015
TECO Networking Conference was held in New Delhi (India) on  16th and 17th November 2016
TECO Joint Workshop 2017 was held in New Delhi (India) on 2nd and 3rd November 2017
TECO Final Conference 2018 at RemTech Expo will be held in Ferrara (Italy) on 20th September 2018


Logo Teco brownlogo europacnrLogo Csir Neeri

 TECO project is co-funded by the European Union

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